Triangle Business Networking Event At SkinSense Spa Of Raleigh July 9th

Triangle Business Networking Event At SkinSense Spa Of Raleigh July 9th

North Hills Networking will hold a gathering of the Triangle’s Business Community at SkinSense ( of Raleigh (6801 Falls of Neuse Road) on Wednesday, July 9th from 6 – 9th pm. The event hosted by Steven David Elliot, will have horderves, refreshments, door prizes, spa treatment giveaways, and will feature tours of SkinSens’s first ever Himalayan Salt Cave.

Working Mothers & Fathers can bring their children as free on-site childcare will be provided.

“In being a part of the business community for over 20 years, we’ve proud to sponsor this event. We feel that North Hills Networking has been an incredible asset to the development of many successful business & personal relationships in the Triangle.” Said Angela Padgett, Owner of SkinSense Spa.

Admission to the event is free.


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Hydrate For The Best Results

Flush out toxins that are released during massage by drinking plenty of water after your treatment, recommends Angela Padgett, owner of SkinSense day spa in Raleigh, NC. Kneading and working muscles stimulates the waste response in your body. Massage relaxes the tension, releasing the circulatory pathways and allowing nitrogenous metabolic waste to dump into the system. Hydrating provides your kidneys with the water they need to effectively eliminate the newly liberated waste.

Himalayan Salt Cave Grand Opening June 24th & 25th!

Bring your co-workers, bring your friends, bring your family for the celebration of  SkinSense’s Himalayan Salt Cave!


Salt caves offer individuals number of ways to aid in relaxation, restore, and revitalize their bodies and well being,” said SkinSense Founder & Owner Angela Padgett. “It’s a unique experience. We’ve been in business for over 20-years and we are thrilled to be offering this service to the tireless, hardworking members of the Triangle community and all North Carolinian’s.”
In a Himalayan Salt Cave the atmosphere is free from pollutants, dust, and allergens. It’s also rich in minerals such as calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, and zinc which help balance the pH level of the human body, absorb toxins, and promote collagen regeneration.
Some of the benefits of a 45-minute treatment can include: skin revitalization, an improvement in respiratory conditions (asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies), a reduction in fatigue, improvement in dermatological conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis), sinusitis relief, and evaporation of stress.

Seven Ways To Maximize Your Next Massage


Seven Ways To Maximize Your Next Massage

1. Don’t eat right before a massage. Your body works very hard to digest food and the more at ease your body is, the better the experience will be.

2. Ask if your practitioner will be using oils and lotions. They reduce friction on your skin.

3. During the massage session, don’t hesitate to report any discomfort, whether it’s from the massage or due to any problems or distractions related to the environment, e.g., room temperature, music volume, lighting, etc.

4. Guide the masseuse. Point out what areas of your body are most need of their expertise. Ensure the pressure and speed of our hand movements are comfortable for you.

5. Don’t worry about whether or not your legs are shaved! Many women apologize for this. Massage Therapists focus on the muscles underneath the skin!

6. Drink plenty of water after your massage. Your kidneys get a workout after receiving massage. Kneading and working muscles stimulates the waste response in your body. Massage relaxes the tension, releasing the circulatory pathways and allowing nitrogenous metabolic waste to dump into the system. Drinking provides your kidneys with the water they need to effectively eliminate the newly liberated waste.

7. How much clothing should you leave on? It’s up to you. If you have lower back pain or sit a lot, I highly recommend you allow us to massage this area. Some people don’t like skin to skin contact on the hips. If that’s the case, masseuse’ can do massage through the sheets.

Be prepared to schedule several massage sessions. Massage has its greatest benefits over time. The therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative, so the more often you get a massage, the better you will feel and the more quickly your body will respond.

About Skin Sense
Skin Sense (, the first day spa in the Triangle and one of the area’s most successful woman-owned businesses introduced a holistic philosophy of facial skin and body care to the Triangle in 1991. With 23 years of experience and two full-service day spa locations in Raleigh, Skin Sense now has a reputation for promoting total body wellness and bringing balance to the lives of tens of thousands of clients. Treatments offered include facials, massage, body treatments, waxing, nail care, makeup, microdermabrasion and more. Its innovative approach to wellness, highly-trained therapists and state-of-the art facilities such as saunas, steam rooms, and relaxation lounges, have earned Skin Sense over twenty-five awards from its clients through surveys conducted by nearly every local newspaper and magazine, including readers’ choice awards for “Best Day Spa” and “Best Facial” from the readers of Metro Magazine and the Independent Weekly.

Sun Defense Minerals


A good friend and colleague of mine came for a visit for Eminence training. We are so excited to launch Eminence Organic Skin Care’s Sun Defense Minerals at our spa locations! The product is easy to use and you can apply and carry it anywhere! The natural minerals provide water-resistant SPF 30, which is perfect for me since I am always outdoors water-skiing in July. I plan to use the minerals all summer long on a daily basis! Check with us at Skin Sense, a day spa and see all the new and wonderful Eminence products and treatments we are offering this Summer season!

What Every Medicine Cabinet Should Have

tea-tree-oilTea Tree oil is known for it’s 101 uses, from burns to fungal infections. It can be used neat (undiluted) therefore it can be applied directly to the skin and does not need a carrier oil. During the summer months my family is outdoors most of the time, and that means bug bites! Apply just one drop of Tea Tree to the affected area, and it immediately calms and removes the itchiness. This is also safe to use on kids. Just one drop on each affected area. I also use Tea Tree on cuts as well as breakouts. One drop to each pimple and it dries out the blemish without drying out the skin around it. Tea Tree can be found at health foods stores such as Whole Foods or Day Spa’s like Skin Sense. You can also find certain products that contain Tea Tree such as Eminence Organic Clear Skin Probiotic cleanser, moisturizer, and masque. All truly amazing!


Skin Discolorations & Dark Spots


With age, all skin types can develop discolorations, also known as hyper-pigmentation. Caused by years of chronic UV exposure, hormonal fluctuations, and inflammation, these discolorations and uneven skin tone are often more of a skin concern than other signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Over time, discolorations can be deeply rooted in the skin, making them susceptible to re occurrence, even with successful aesthetic treatments (Skin Ceuticals, Web 2013). Skin discolorations and dark spots appear when excess and irregular production of melanin, the pigment that gives skin color, occurs. Successful treatment for skin discolorations and dark spots require exfoliating the surface of the skin and reducing melanin production and transfer to the keratinocytes, cells in the upper layers of the skin. I would like to recommend a comprehensive, three step regimen to treating your skin discolorations. These include: a brightening treatment, an antioxidant, as well as a broad spectrum sunscreen. Phloretin CF provides advanced protection against free radicals and helps diminish discolorations, the Advanced Pigment Regulator helps fade discoloration, improve firmness, and reveal your healthier radiant skin (Skin Ceuticals, Web 2013). Lastly, Skin Ceuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 shields skin from UV rays to prevent dark spots and contains a translucent color sphere for a more even, luminous complexion.



Nannie’s Tea is a favorite at all of our Skin Sense spa locations. It always makes me feel like home. It has been passed down from generation to generation. My Grandmother (Nannie), passed it on to me. Although Nannie is no longer with us, I know that she absolutely would love that I have shared her wonderful recipe with all of our Skin Sense guests. The cinnamon, cloves, orange, and other wonderful ingredients were a combination she enjoyed sharing with her family and friends. There is no better time to take Nannie’s Tea than the fall. The weather is just beginning to change, and there’s a wonderful crispness in the air. Skin Sense offers Nannie’s Tea throughout the day for you to enjoy before, between, and after your spa treatments. Relax in our relaxation area, curl up on our comfy sofas or chairs with a blanket over your lap, and enjoy a warm cup of Nannie’s Tea while reading a book or enjoying our soothing music. We also offer Nannie’s Tea to take home to extend your spa experience. Our Nannie’s Tea Kits contain the special ingredients. Brew this delicious concoction for yourself or for friends. Nannie’s Tea is a must for fall and is great with our Skin Scentual Nannie’s Tea Candle! We look forward to your next spa visit, enjoy your tea this fall season!



Nannies Post


Setting Goals

At Skin Sense, we believe in “Bringing Balance to Life” to our guests and to our wonderful management and staff. Today’s blog features Katie , our Inventory Manager, who likes to focus on health, fitness, and well being.

– – – –


Hey you! Do you need a ladder to reach that goal? Now I’m the first person to say that you should set goals – I set goals for the year for the month, for the week, for the day… heck sometimes even for the hour! You should definitely set goals, but I think a lot of us set ourselves up for failure. Here’s the thing; if you want to set a goal you may just need a ladder to help you get there. Think of the rungs as mini challenges that are going to help you climb higher and higher. Challenges are the obstacles that are going to get in the way of reaching our goal. We have to overcome those and WE CAN! Try this for size:

Set a goal… come on now just don’t pick some two word sentence goal, tell me why you want it! Get down deeper to the heart of it. Why do you want it? What do you want it for? Are you committed? Are you excited? You have got to get all this information out if you want to have enough excitement and energy to get you there. Now that you have thought this through a little, what are your obstacles and what are your “Action Steps” to get you to the next rung? Let;s look a little deeper into this.

Obstacles/mini challenges for you to overcome. Let’s use the example of losing weight. Well what mini challenges might you face? How about eating right? What is your action plan? Your action plan is to make a food log. With a food log you can start seeing what you are eating, when you are eating, your habits, patterns, etc. From this you can start tweaking your diet, but if you don’t record it there is really no way to analyze or help you grow from it, so you need to work on this food log. Now, I’m not saying you should not work out while your are doing this food log, no you should but you need to concentrate and really make this log a habit. Once you have got it down and you are eating healthy, you can then move onto the next rung.

Every rung is going to be different for each person. We all have our own challenges, our own fears to deal with. You need to figure them out and get them out in the open if you are going to achieve your ultimate goal. Next step, share your mini challenges and goals! Tell your friends and family! Use a profile network like “FMN”. Get yourself connected to others that can help you help yourself. I’m telling you, it works! I don’t care if some of my Facebook friends are tired of seeing my goals, or have seen every single one of my workouts posted. That’s how I get to the next rung.; that’s how I succeed! I visualize myself every moment climbing a ladder, reaching my goal. Each rung makes me happier and more excited. You have to have that excitement to keep you going! If you get stuck or scared, remind yourself of how you will feel once you get there. From the beginning to the absolute end, you need to VISUALIZE yourself succeeding and reaching your goal climbing ladder! You can have anything you want! You just have to go out and make it happen!